PhD Studentship: Automated Program Repair

We are looking for talented candidates to pursue a PhD degree in the area of automated program repair in the Department of Computer Science at University College London under the supervision of Dr. Sergey Mechtaev.

Research group. University College London is a top university, with one of the strongest software engineering research groups in the world. Dr. Sergey Mechtaev is a member of Software System Engineering group and CREST centre, the developer of Angelix program repair system, one of the authors of semantic program repair conception, and an active member of program repair research community.

Automated program repair. Software is buggy, and bugs have serious consequences, such as reducing the quality of software products, introducing security vulnerabilities, or even endangering human life. Since bug fixing is a difficult and tedious process, developers often cannot allocate sufficient time and resources to address all problems, and even critical bugs remain unresolved for years. Automated program repair is a rapidly growing area of research that aims to solve this problem by automatically suggesting patches for buggy code, without or with minimal developer involvement. Modern program repair approaches rely on practical techniques from different fields of computer science including program analysis, formal methods and artificial intelligence. Important open problems in program repair include (1) how to automatically address many kinds of defects in large software projects in a scalable fashion, and (2) how to ensure the quality and correctness of automatic patches.

Requirements. We are looking for candidates who are:

Additionally, we would prefer candidates who have background and research experience in the following areas:

Application. Interested candidates should send their CV and academic transcript to Dr. Sergey Mechtaev at Thesis topic will be decided based on the background and preferences of the candidate. Applications should be made through application website, indicating Dr. Sergey Mechtaev as the potential supervisor, and that you are applying for "Automated Program Repair" scholarship. The position is open until filled.

Details. Below are additional details about this position (more can be found on UCL PhD programme website):