Professional Values
  • Reproducibility. Sound empirical analysis and reproducible results are crucial elements of software engineering research. All our research will be accompanied with source code, data and friendly reproduction packages as far as allowed by funders.
  • Impact. Positive impact on society is the key priority of our research projects.
  • Intellectual excellence. Research is mostly about ideas, and ideas are not equal. We shall only pursue ideas that we believe are good.

We are always looking for talented and motivated students to join our group. Interested candidates should send their CV and academic transcript to Dr. Sergey Mechtaev at Consider applying for UCL PhD scholarships such as CSC-UCL.

Current students
  • Passawis Chaiyapattanaporn (BSc)
    June 1–Present
    Summer internship supervisor.
  • Liu Yu (PhD, NUS/CREST)
    September 2020–Present
    Co-advisor. Other advisors: Abhik Roychoudhury, Emmanuel Letier
  • Nikhil Parasaram (PhD)
    September 2019–Present
    First supervisor. Second supervisor: Earl T. Barr
Past students
  • Tingmao Wang (BSc)
    October 2021–May 2022
    Final year project supervisor.
  • Mahdi Nasrollahi (MEng)
    October 2020–May 2021
    Final year project supervisor.
  • Boyang Zhang (MSc)
    January 2020–August 2020
    Research project supervisor. Second supervisor: Justyna Petke
  • Max Bertfield (BSc)
    September 2019–May 2020
    Final year project supervisor. Second supervisor: Jens Krinke
  • Naum Anteski (MEng)
    October 2019–May 2020
    Final year project supervisor. Second supervisor: Jens Krinke
  • Edwin Lesmana Tjiong (MSc, National University of Singapore)
    Co-advisor. Main advisor: Abhik Roychoudhury